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Lloyd Dicks

Lloyd Dicks

It fascinates me, how many times I speak with Jobseekers, who complain that they have been for interviews, and two weeks later they still have had no feedback from the interviewer.  When questioned, they admit that they have made no contact with the interviewer since their meeting.  

Think about it for a moment.  The chances are that the employer has interviewed a number of candidates for the same position.  One of those candidates has taken the trouble to write and thank the prospective employer for the meeting.  Who do you think will stand the best chance of landing the job offer?

It all comes down to making yourself stand out favorably in the interviewers mind.  At the end of the interview, after saying goodbye to the interviewer, swing by the reception desk (or phone when you get home) and ask for his/her e-mail address or better still their postal address.  Drop the person a thank-you note.  I guarantee you that even if everyone reads this message, only one out of ten of you will actually do it.

You may be thinking to yourself, “doesn’t this make me come across as desperate?”  I don’t think so.  What it does show is that you are polite and that you appreciate and value the time that they have spent meeting with you.  

Take a few moments to write a quick thank you.  You will be surprised at the result you will get.

Good luck, and tight lines.

Lloyd Dicks

Lloyd Dicks – Founder of the JobFishing website.  After many years contracting in IT roles, in South Africa and abroad, Lloyd has spent the last 12 years in the recruitment and selection business.  He is currently Sales Director of Star Personnel Recruitment (Pty) Ltd.  While very much involved in the recruitment of top it staff, Lloyd is also a Job Coach and Trainer. 

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